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Ninja - Hands of Time :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 89 16 Blue :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 30 4 Map of Astoria (second version) :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 16 1 Aliens lineup 2 :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 27 12 Aliens lineup 1 :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 23 1 The Nexus Force :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 33 16 Team Valor :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 23 7 Helmet Concepts :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 27 7 The Second Rulers of Aurum :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 45 6 The Ultra Agents :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 29 26 Ultimate Ninjago Poster :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 417 139 The First Kings of Aurum :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 43 20 Water Samurai :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 72 15 Dogshank :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 37 8 Wrayth and Soul Archer :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 38 4 Bansha and Ghoultar :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 44 5


poke go :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 20,576 501 -Scyther- :iconarvalis:arvalis 11,571 747 -Dragonite- :iconarvalis:arvalis 17,445 1,332 -Bulbasaur- :iconarvalis:arvalis 30,177 1,573 -Charizard- :iconarvalis:arvalis 31,984 1,531 -Mewtwo- :iconarvalis:arvalis 20,602 2,305 -Gengar- :iconarvalis:arvalis 15,547 1,992 -Eevee- :iconarvalis:arvalis 31,403 2,837 -Gyarados- :iconarvalis:arvalis 16,912 859 -Zapdos- :iconarvalis:arvalis 6,096 635 -Steelix- :iconarvalis:arvalis 8,607 555 Early LEGO Villains :iconrrproani:RRproAni 59 14 Tahu Gen1 Gen2 Masks :iconkanoro-studio:Kanoro-Studio 250 18 The Early LEGO :iconrrproani:RRproAni 102 31 Ninjago - Nya Portrait :iconmyluckyoreos:MyLuckyOreos 42 9 Map of the Monster Realm :iconbobbricks:BobBricks 8 1



Ninja - Hands of Time
I finally got this done. I think the Hands of Time outfits are my favorite so far.
Here's another single minifigure I've "humanized" (robotized, more like). This time it's the Laser Mech from CMF, who I've named Blue. My idea is that there are six of them, each representing a color. There's Crimson, the red one; Firefly, the orange one (the Battle Mech from CMF); Merigold, the yellow one; Viridian, the green one (the Evil Mech from CMF); Blue, this one; and Byzantium, the purple one. 
Map of Astoria (second version)
This is the third and possibly final map I've drawn for Astoria. Here's the first version, if you're interested:….

As you can see, I changed a lot, especially around the Solariand, West Astor, and Daegraland areas. I also added a few new places.
Aliens lineup 2
Here's the second lineup of aliens that I've been working on. This time, it's all Space Police 3 and UFO/Insectoids aliens, with a few CMF aliens thrown in, as well as one from Lego Universe.

Space Police 3 aliens:
The Kelmarine is based off Kranxx and Rench.
The Drogothean is loosely based off Slizer.
The Soreli is based off Frenzy. 
The Casmothan is based off Brick Daddy.
The Cornean is based off Snake.
The Thidaloi is based off one of the Skull Twins.
The Turon is based off Jawson.
The Aquatican is Squidman.

Then there's the Zarakian and the Kaari, which are based off two of the CMF aliens, the Kaari being the Alien Trooper and the Zarakian being the Alien Avenger. 
The Mythran is based off the characters of the same name from Lego Universe.
And finally, the first Zotaxian is an Insectoid, while the second Zotaxian is from UFO.
Aliens lineup 1
Here is the first lineup of aliens that are in my Legoverse. Pictured here are 15 aliens, out of about 30 or so, so I'll do at least one more of these. 

First off, the human(oid)s. The first is an Aurumian, dressed in NGS (New Galaxy Squad) armor. He's based off the galaxy trooper from CMF. The next three are the Ashlari Human, Elf and Dwarf. I based the human's armor off of Nexo Knight armor, since NK takes place on Ashlar. The elves are a subspecies of human, and this one is extremely loosely based off the Elf from CMF. The dwarf is based off the ones from Fantasy Era, since FE also takes place on Ashlar. And finally, the Moanean is a human from the ocean planet of Moane. I took inspiration from my take on Captain Hael Storm from Lego Universe when drawing him.

Next, the nonhuman aliens. First, the Bellaran is from the moon Bellona, and is also the alien from Mars Mission. They have shells made of Pollutonium, the radioactive crystals that grow on their moon, as well as Mars. Speaking of Mars, the Martian is from the Life on Mars theme, and they are neighbors of the Bellarans (Mars's moon is Bellona). Then there's the Aleai, aka General Hypaxxus from Alien Conquest. Finally, there's the Kitinians, called the Buggoids by the Galaxy Squad during the Aurum-Kitis War. The first three-the Mosquito, Mantis, and Ant-are based off the Galaxy Squad aliens, but the last four are my own design.

In the next one, I'll be drawing the Kelmarine (Kranxx), Drogothean (Slizer), Soreli (Frenzy), Casmothan (Brick Daddy), Squidman, Thidaloi (Skull Twins) Zotaxians (UFO and Insectoids), Zarkonian, Mythran, Cornean (Snake), Meca, Turon (Jawson), and Kaari.


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Joshua Deck
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm Joshua. My friends call me Josh, so I really don't have a preference. I'm currently a college student at USA, majoring in Computer Science. I plan to be a concept artist when I grow up, and I think it would be cool to work for Lego (that way I could pitch them my idea for a unified timeline). Speaking of timeline, me and my friend BobBricks are working on one. We are trying to take all the Lego themes and put them into one unified timeline.

Anyway, I don't really have much else to say, other than I draw, so bye, I guess. Enjoy my gallery, and don't forget to leave a comment. I really appreciate those.


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